If you've ever donated blood before, you can handle donating plasma, I promise.

Oh, how the world has changed in the last few months. I don't need to explain it to you, you're here, you know.

My world might be a little different than yours, because about six weeks ago I had COVID-19. Maybe you had it too, I hope that, like me, you're doing fine!

I also hope you didn't recently sprain your foot like I did, but that's another story.

This story is about how when I heard that COVID-19 survivors could donate plasma to help others I promised I would do it, and yesterday, I did!

The Rock River Valley Blood Center was the perfect place to go because the plasma stays right here in the Rockford area to help patients who are having much more complicated experiences than I did.

Heidi from RRVBC explained that the plasma I donated will help patients who are hospitalized with the disease build antibodies quicker, since my plasma is already packed with the antibodies.

I was scared of course, because it sounds scary. The process of taking my blood out, separating the plasma and then putting my blood back in was mystifying. Would I feel awful? Would it hurt? Would it take hours?

In all honesty, I felt awful for maybe ten minutes about two hours after it was all done and I was laying on my couch. But then I felt much better after I ate dinner. It was almost identical to the last time that I gave blood.

But, the crazy part was how I felt freezing when it was all over. Makes sense though, they took my blood out in the world of 70-something degrees and put it back in me where I'm supposed to be 98.6!

Heidi will be on Good Day Stateline with me on Sunday May 24 to talk more in-depth about the importance of donating and I'm always free (literally always...) to answer your questions, send me a message on the 97ZOK app or on Facebook!

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