How's it going, Michelle? Oh you know, just sweating through my clothes and having trouble breathing... no biggie. 

I promised you in my last vaccine post that if things got a little weird I'd let you know... and things have gotten a little weird.

My Moderna shot went into my arm about 1:30 pm on Monday, March 29, and at about 6 pm Tuesday I started having COVID flashbacks.

Throughout the day yesterday I had moments of sweat and chills but I thought I might be making them up, until last night when I was for sure sweating through my clothes followed by freezing moments.

Something I recall very much from a year ago when I actually had COVID-19. Then I started having little gasping for air moments and now it's a little too familiar for me.

So I called a virtual doctor, who said I should go get checked out but to be honest I was too tired to go to the ER, which would've been my only option after 7 pm so I just went to bed.

I woke up four times soaked in sweat  while also freezing and when it was time to actually get up my hair was so curly, which was annoying because I had to be presentable by 5:30 am.

My arm hurts so bad still today, it hard to get dressed and I'm still having that weird breathing issue.

The only way I can describe it is that there's a cat in the room, because I'm allergic to cats and when I'm near one, breathing gets difficult.

I'm hoping things get better later? It's way too chilly out to be this sweaty!

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