It's been exactly a year since I was tested for COVID-19, way before anyone else I knew and I celebrated by getting my first vaccine shot.

Just typing that first sentence made me do a mental double take. A year? It's been a year since I was told to go to a secret address somewhere I had never been in Rockford to get tested for the coronavirus.

A woman in a hazmat suit shoved a cotton swab up my nose basically to my brain and handed me a yellow piece of paper detailing all of the info we did and did not yet know about the virus.


For the next six weeks I didn't touch a human being.

It took nine days to find out I was positive for COVID-19, at which point I had lost my sense of smell and had a terrible cough, and then no one really knew when I was 'recovered.'

I left my apartment only to fill my car with laundry that my dad would come pick up every two weeks with gloves and a mask and bring back to me, or to pick up some groceries in the lobby of my apartment.

Since then I've donated plasma and been tested for COVID again three times due to accidental close contact and yesterday I got my first vaccine shot.

It feels like just yesterday when Sweet Lenny threw a microphone outside the ZOK studios and said, here go do this from home, but it was a year ago. BANANAS!

I documented all of that for you, so why not fill you in on what went down with I got my shot, which I got at Walgreen's, and it's the Moderna variation.

So here you go, my ten shot thoughts... there's a chance I might be adding more to this list tomorrow, we'll see.

  1. I'm going to have a giant reaction and puke. So far this did NOT happen. But, I read more and more stories about how people who previously had COVID reacted poorly so I was freaking out and getting sweaty before I went in the room.
  2. Walgreens sells Paternity tests? When you wait in the same aisle of Walgreens for 20 minutes, you look around. I had no idea there were 20 minute Paternity tests available at Walgreens. #TheMoreYouKnow
  3. Wait what if the shot actually hurts? I haven't had a shot in a few years and I remember it hurting pretty bad, I braced myself and thought about my littlest nephew's face. But honestly the shot didn't hurt much at all.
  4. Why did she put the shot so high in my shoulder? I keep looking for the answer to this one. My sister agreed with me, it's much higher than a flu shot, so it's like in your shoulder, not your arm.
  5. Can you imagine having to give vaccines out all day? I'm sure the shot-giver... is that a term? Doctor? Nurse? She was really nice, I'm just not sure of her title, but I'm sure she has many patients who are very nervous and scared, what a job she has to do!
  6. 20 minutes post shot.. yay! I didn't have a reaction at Walgreens! I was legit concerned about this, I thought I might puke and I wasn't really in the mood to pass out at the store.
  7. I did pass out on my couch when I got home though... but also to be fair, I pass out most afternoons and take a quick nap before I go to the gym.
  8. I have a massive headache. But also I've been dealing with headaches and vertigo for three weeks now so how do I know what's the cause.
  9. MY ARM HURTS. Like whoa, it hurts. It's like all of the sudden my shoulder is a raw piece of meat that spoiled so it's like really tough and doesn't want to be happy. Does that make sense?
  10. To be continued... I'm positive I'll be feeling different on day 2. If it's notable I'll pass along the info.

Cheers to the fact that we made it through the past year. I hugged my nephews tighter than ever this weekend when I went to see them because this time last year I was MISERABLE and so lonely. I hope no one ever has to experience that again.

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