If you're a massive fan of Netflix's Stranger Things, here are a couple of events you don't want to miss.

Both are set for Replay Lincoln Park, purveyors of the pop culture pop-up-themed shindigs.

If it's been in the public zeitgeist there's a very good chance Replay Lincoln Park has held a themed event inspired by it.

Some of Replay Lincoln Park's previous themes include:

  • Harry Potter
  • Friends
  • Seinfeld
  • Jurrasic Park
  • Saved by the Bell

Now they're going after the most popular show of 2022, Stranger Things.

I mean, you can't blame them for doing it, plus it actually sounds like a good time.

First up at Replay Lincoln Park is Eddie Munson's Graduation Party.


The party is set for tonight so whatever you previously thought you were going to do tonight change your plans.

Join us in celebrating Eddie Munson's graduation with Stranger Things themed photo-ops and cocktails! Come play free arcade games at the Palace Arcade and rock out to 80s jams with all of us kids in the Hellfire Club

The other is a few weeks away and it seems like it's just as much fun as Eddie's Graduation Party.

It's called the Hawkins 80s Snow Ball and this one is set for August 14.

The biggest bummer of the whole thing is both parties are 21 and up only.

The best part of the parties? No cover.

Replay Lincoln Park is located at 2833 North Sheffield Avenue in Chicago.

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