The first week of Ben's divorce from his soon-to-be ex, Juliana, just got underway and already there's a big surprise.

Before this divorce began, we learned a few weeks ago that these proceeding were likely to get pretty ugly.

Julianna has already admitted to having a rather lengthy physical relationship with former Tennessee pastor Byron Yawn.

Seriously, how awful is that... They're pastor!

Byron was also Ben and Julianna's pre- and post- marital counselor. That detail, even though the cheating was bad enough, was probably more devastating than anything, to Ben.

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Julianna is of course asking for many things in this divorce, the ugliest request:

She claims that the 2016 World Series MVP, "intentionally and voluntarily stopped working" and went from "the top of his game" to "giving up" which affected their household income.

Unbelievable, right?

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Here's The Update

Ben has dropped his lawsuit against the cheating pastor that was seeking $6 million in damages for his affair with Julianna, plus allegations of the Pastor Byron also defrauded Ben's charity.

Byron Yawn's attorney, Christopher Bellamy says,

“It’s a step in the right direction, I’m suspicious for their reasons but I’m optimistic that he’ll continue to do the right things.”

You hope Ben will continue to do the right things? What does that even mean? This case really is going to get even worse, I can feel it.

We don't have a reason that Ben dropped that case, but we do know that it was done voluntarily and "without prejudice", meaning Ben can refile that suit anytime in the next year.

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