When I say Loves Park kitchen, I mean my grandma's kitchen. 

My grandma has lived in her house since the mid-1960s, I'm sure this won't be the only Rockford relic I find going through some of her stuff.

Grandma loved collecting metal serving trays. I'm not really sure what she did with them. I never saw her use one growing up. There's one, non-descript tray that she regularly still uses, but the rest have been sitting stacked up against the kitchen wall for at least 25 years.

We were "de-cluttering" (read "throwing a BUNCH of stuff away") her kitchen over the weekend when I finally went through the roughly 20 serving trays she had stored in the kitchen. Along with a Disney World 40th Anniversary tray, and about 12 others that I would best describe as paisley patterned, was this tray from Barber Colman.

I know my great-grandfather used to work for Barber Colman so this might have been something that the company gave to all their workers. Was that something companies did in the past? Give workers tin trays?

I did try searching for it online and found one like it for sale on Etsy. It's a little strange because the listed price is in Euros.


The only details it gives is that it is "Vintage from the 1960s" and this short description:

Vintage tray from Barber-Colman Company in Rockford Illinois. This tray is printed with an assortment of industrial and commercial parts and products presumably a history of many of the products produced by the company. It's a pretty cool tray that at some point had two holes drilled into it to be hung on the wall. It now makes a perfect magnetic board for garage or office!

This one doesn't have any holes drilled into it but I do like the idea of using it as a magnet board in the office.

Does anyone else have one of these around the house?

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