This week has been a big one for the Volo Museum since their Titanic exhibit went viral after mysterious flooding that makes us all feel like we're watching the iconic movie. 

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There were some incredible storms last weekend throughout the state of Illinois including in the town of Volo which is famous for their Volo Museum.

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The museum features rooms full of cars that were made famous in movies and tv shows including a newer exhibit all about the Titanic tragedy.

It's a pretty cool exhibit that you might want to check out the next time you're looking to take a trip back in time and learn how many factors lined up in order for the 'unsinkable' ship to in fact sink.

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Usually when you visit, you feel transported by the artifacts and the layout of the exhibit. But this week, videos of the exhibit are going viral and truly making us feel transported to the real tragedy after the museum's mysterious flood.

According to The Volo Museum website, they found the water last Sunday morning after the storms which forced the museum to close the exhibit for repairs.

@nbcchicago A mysterious flood at a suburban Titanic exhibit has museum officials questioning after footage of the water bursting into the building appeared to resemble scenes from the classic movie. #titanic #chicagonews #mystery ♬ original sound - NBC Chicago

However, the mystery remains... where did the water come from? The website says there were:

no apparent sources of the water. Thorough inspections revealed no broken pipes, roof leaks, or any other obvious points of entry. Even the perimeter of the building was dry, with no signs of water ingress.'

Get this, the only info they really have is footage of the water starting to flood the exhibit from the 1912 Renault, which is a sister car to the only car that sank with the real ship.

What do you think really happened??


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