When's the last time you spoke a foreign language?

For me, it was my senior year in high school- when I was required to, just to earn a diploma.

I chose Spanish because I thought it was be the easiest, and it was; but when I went to Mexico in the fall of 2012, it got even easier. I went from asking where the bathroom was and requesting more tequila to having an entire conversation with the bartender over shots of that tequila.

From the sounds of it, I have the tequila to thank for that. That's according to a new study that says that having some adult beverages can help you speak a foreign language more fluently.

Knowing that, we decided to have a little fun with this study's findings. You've heard of Rosetta Stone? They're an education technology software company that has a line of DVD's that teach you how to speak Spanish, French and more.  Well, we think they should add this to their product line.

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