In 1934, construction started on a location in Rockton, IL that would become the famous and infamous Wagon Wheel.

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The Wagon Wheel has a rich history of celebrity guests and plenty for local folks and traveling visitors to do. Think about this in 2021, back in its "glory days" the Wagon Wheel on Route 75 had these things:


  • Hotel
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bowling Alley
  • Ice Skating Rink
  • Restaurants
  • Candy Kitchen
  • Theater
  • Landing Strip

How incredible is that? Olympians trained here, and celebs entertained here. Everyone from Bob Hope to Ronald Regan visited little ole Rockton, IL and the famous Wagon Wheel.

There were a series of fires over the years that have made stories about The Wagon Wheel seem pretty questionable. Were these fires set on purpose. The last and final fire happened in 1999. Were all six fires, an "accident," did Al Capone have anything to do with these fires? Wait, what?

Rumors for decades have placed the one and only Al Capone at the Wagon Wheel quite a bit. Whether it was a hideout, or a place to grab a high end bite to end. Word has it that Al Capone would eat alone, with an armed guard standing by the door. I mean, gangsters need to eat too, right? Maybe Al Capone had a secret talent and liked to ice skate?

Al Capone has ties to the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Freeport has a rich tradition of Al Capone stories, and places he would hide...So I guess Mr. Capone stopping by the Wagon Wheel in Rockton for a bite to eat isn't too far fetched.

Do you have any details, stories, family members with Al Capone rumors?

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