Have you ever seen someone dress in a costume like this before?

Let me tell you a little about Anthony.

He's one of my best friend's husband, and I think I've seen him in a costume more often than I've seen him in regular clothes.

Ok, so maybe that's a stretch, but, I did meet him ten years ago when he was dressed as a coconut tree, and anytime he gets the chance to wear a costume, he takes it.

He's pretty lucky that his wife, Amy, is a pretty great costume helper.

This Halloween, he might have had the most creative costume ever.

One of the giant things outside a car dealership trying to get you to come buy a car.

I wanna call it a windsock, but I think that's something else.

Amy Garcia
Amy Garcia

Unfortunately, it seems Anthony came in second place in this year's contest... to someone dressed as popcorn...which I'm sure was awesome, but much less creative.

I can't wait to see what Anthony and Amy think up next year!

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