The first season of This Is Us reminded us that TV shows with great writing and talented actors can still make us feel deeply.

If we're being honest, we cried at some point during every episode of This Is Us. I did, and the first time I watched was a binge of the first three episodes. I was exhausted sitting there in front of the TV. One thing was certain, this show now owned me. There wasn't a thing I didn't like about this show. Actually now that I've written that, I realize it's not true, there are two things I didn't like.


We assumed that Jack was going to die in his car either driving to or from going to see Rebecca perform with her band. Now that it didn't happen, it will probably come as a complete surprise in season two without any foreshadowing and be completely heartbreaking, even more so than if it had happened in the car. The other thing I didn't like was the death of William. I loved his character so much. And that's where I'll lead you into this video. If you've ever wondered if the actors get as choked up as us with the material they're performing, here comes your answer.

It almost makes you tear up thinking of how many Tuesdays we have to wait until season 2. According to, This Is Us will likely return on Tuesday, September 29. Set your countdown clocks.

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