The real life story of Valerie Shepherd and Holiday Miller, who married and divorced the same man. Let their discoveries be your guide to navigating divorce.

When I discovered this story at, I immediately told the two women within earshot and both of them couldn't wait to hear more. They said things like;

What do they look like? (scarily similar btw)

2 Women Divorce Same Guy then Write Ex-Wives Guide to Divorce
Skyhorse Publishing

Oh my God, I'm calling my ex-husband's first wife!

How did they meet?

Was it an ugly scene or something different?

According to Holiday Miller's account, shared by the Tribune, it WAS something completely different:

After a night of bubble bath and wine, she sent a message on Facebook to Valerie Shepherd — her husband's ex-wife. "You might possibly be the only person on the planet who could understand the hell I'm in right now," Miller wrote. "Would it be OK if I call you?"

2 Women Divorce Same Guy then Write Ex-Wives Guide to Divorce
Valerie Shepherd, Holiday Miller

And these women had more than an ex-husband in common, they were both teachers, pledged the same sorority and worked for the same civic organization. What that conversation above led to was two women searching the internet for guidance on navigating life after divorce. At one point, Valerie even Googled 'divorce planners' and that search pretty much yielded only 'wedding planners'... thanks a lot Google.

My guess is since they were both teachers it didn't take long for them to decide that they needed to create the guidance they were looking for on their own and put it all together to help others. That help for you was turned into the book, The Ex-Wives' Guide to Divorce: How to Navigate Everything from Heartache and Finances to Child Custody. Here's a link to buy your copy.

The authors, Valerie and Holiday, will be in Chicago on Monday, March 27 for a lunchtime book signing at Barnes and Noble on State and Elm, 1130 North State Street.

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