After months of attempting to save her downtown shop, today, Brianna from The Midwest Rustic is shutting down the store for good. 

There have been a lot of shakeups in downtown Rockford this summer and throughout the past few months we've watched store owner pivot in hopes of saving their shops after raised rent and inflation.

One of those store owners is Brianna Zahn from The Midwest Rustic.

Brianna let us in on the struggles she was having earlier this summer, that she was planning to close the store at the end of June because running this small business and trying to raise her kids alone wasn't working the way she hoped.

After sharing that story on social media, so many local businesses and Midwest Rustic lovers came together to help her reach her GoFundMe goal and save the store as of the end of June.

Fast forward two months and she's decided this isn't the paths she wants to continue toward.

Brianna posted a video on Facebook today (Wednesday, August 31) telling her followers and the entire city of Rockford just how thankful she is for their support but that as of tonight, the store will shut down forever.

My mental health really took a toll this summer after I posted the video on Facebook. So please please be kind as this isn’t a easy nor light decision for us.I have poured literally EVERYTHING into this storefront.

Brianna will continue her personal woodworking business, which is also called The Midwest Rustic.

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