With weather predictions expected to turn the temperature up 60 to 70 degrees, Rockford residents should brace themselves for the possibility of floods.

Snowmelt aside, ice jams and water run-off are expected, and could potentially be a threat through Spring.

The weather we've got out here the past few days is very much in line with what Canadians experience every winter, so it makes sense they'd know how to handle the impending thaw.

That said, I found a gardening website based out of Canada that shared a few things you could do to protect your home from floods.

  • Clear snow away from your foundation
  • Inspect basement and foundation walls now
  • Remove ice and snow from drains and gutters
  • Think about purchasing a sump pump for your basement
  • Install backflow valves

I live at the bottom of a flood plain. I know all too well about floods and how much they suck. Sump pumps are absolutely necessary and I can't imagine living in my house without them.

Regardless of your situation, we should just be glad the awful Arctic cold is done in Rockford, at least for now.

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