Weird stuff abounds in this Whole Foods parking lot in this suburb of Chicago.

Matter of fact, this isn't something you see every day. It's probably better off that way.

You also don't usually see this kind of stuff in the middle of the day, in a parking lot, at Whole Foods, in Orland Park.

This looks like some kind of in broad daylight domination type stuff happening. I hope I'm wrong.

Maybe the guy lost his eye contact and the woman refused to help?

Still doesn't explain why he kissed her boots, or why she kicked him where it hurts the most.

Maybe she's upset at the guy because he's giving up on finding the contact and now completely out, didn't reorder when she told him he should and now he's going to have to borrow hers even though they've got different prescriptions?

Probably not, but that's the story I'm telling myself instead of the obvious.

Either way, you've got to admit you don't see every day, in a parking lot, at Whole Foods, in Orland Park.

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