Almost every day this guy stares at me from the MLB Cubs emails... but who is he?

As a very big Cubs fan, I subscribe to the MLB Shop emails. Every day they send me an email telling me to buy things, and every day I want to.

But let's face it, the real reason I open the emails is the stud muffin dude in the Cubs shirt sitting in a pretend dugout.

I have a thing for him.

There are some unfortunate obvious problems.

First off, he is always wearing the same shirt and sitting in the same position. If we are going to get married, he needs to own more than one Cubs shirt... and preferable not a shirt my brother Tommy owns.


He also probably shouldn't be sitting with this Katie Holmes look-a-like.


So I swapped my face for hers... it looks legit, right?

I have yet to find out who he is, but there's a chance with the help of the MLB Shop it could happen! So I sent them that tweet, we'll see if they can help me out.

There's a chance he's a little too old for me too, but hey, what's ten years in the land of make believe Cubs love?

Until then, I'll just keep opening my MLBshop emails, continuing my fake relationship with hot Cubs guy and trying not to buy any new Cubs sweatshirts.

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