Are you stressed out right now? It's completely, totally, 100% possible. Yet somehow, Illinois is one of the least stressed states. 

I'm all here for a study, but I am very shocked to read this one from the addition specialists at Diamond Rehab Thailand... Illinois is the third least stressed state?

What? How?

We're always hearing about people moving out of Illinois? Why would they do that if this was one of the least stressed states to live in?

This study is all about reports of mental distress, so of course there is a possibility that those of us in Illinois just haven't reported our stressors, but the states above us in the ranking makes a little more sense.

According to this study, the most relaxed state to live in is South Dakota, with Hawaii rolling in to the second spot.

They're both scoring above 90 on a scale from 1-100 measuring 'relaxation,' which sounds pretty great, but if I had to pick somewhere to relax, I'd absolutely pick Hawaii over South Dakota, wouldn't you?

If you're anti-getting on a plane to go to Hawaii, and you're not interested in South Dakota, the rest of the top ten list includes: Alaska, Maryland, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

The award for 'Most Stressed,' goes to West Virginia!

Reading all of this info makes me want to take a nap or drink a margarita, here's to staying stress free!

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