This odd image appeared in the parking lot at a Rockford store following a recent rainy night.

I stopped by the Meijer store at 2013 McFarland Road to grab groceries for the week. Luckily I missed most of the storm while I was in the store.

The parking lot was soaked when I returned to my car to load in the groceries. Well, not all of the parking lot.

When I turned around to deposit my empty cart, I saw an odd design had formed behind the parking space that was next to my car.

Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

What is this? Is it the shape of a cartoonish tomato? Is it a tribute to a Sesame Street character? Is it Ernie?

Jason, Kempin, Getty Images

Let's say someone didn't intend for this to be a tribute to their favorite children's TV show character. How does a spot like this stay dry in a parking lot that was just saturated with rain?

See for yourself the next time it rains in Rockford. You can find the image near the first couple parking spots in the row that is in front of the grocery entrance at Meijer.