When was the last time you had a cocktail... what flavor was it? How would you feel about a licorice drink? I'm not sure either. 

The first cocktail I ever ordered I sent back. It was a hurricane (though on Facebook I captioned this photo and said it was a tornado).


I was 21 in Des Moines at I think Champps. I exchanged it for a frozen strawberry daiquiri and my cocktail hopes and dreams came true, I have no explanation for my hair clip.


In the last almost 14 years, I've grown from a lover of frozen cocktails to being open to trying pretty much anything, at least a sip or two, but I'm not entirely sold on cocktails with licorice flavor just yet, what exactly does that taste like?

Barnstormer Distillery in Rockford recently share a post on social media that has me wondering... is licorice flavored rum good?

Testing out our slushy machine tonight with a super unique flavor... licorice flavored rum & lemonade with a spritz of mint. Super balanced & refreshing for all my licorice lovers!!

What color licorice? Are we talking black licorice? My sister would like that, but would I?

I've thought even more about it since I first saw the post. Licorice and lemonade? Never have I ever thought about that combo? And mint too?

Listen, ordering licorice flavored anything is not at the top of my list, but as aforementioned I'm willing to try anything so maybe now is the time to march on over to Barnstormer Distillery (I feel like you have to march when the name is Barnstormer) and try it out.

What do you think?


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