Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year.  So this left me wondering, when are people going to officially celebrate?  The weekend before?  On the actual day of Halloween?  The weekend after?  All of the above?

We asked the city of Rockford when they plan on celebrating.  In a Facebook post we asked people to let us know what day they're doing the whole Halloween thing on. The results are in, here is when Rockford is officially celebrating -

Friday October 26 - 0% voted Friday (Which is HIGHLY unlikely)

Saturday October 27 - 1 % voted for Saturday

Wednesday October 31 - 26% voted on Halloween Day

All of October - 73% of you guys have been celebrating since October 1st!

I'm so glad I'm not in college anymore... because I know exactly how it's going to go down.  College kids are going to have a field day this year, they will be celebrating for TWO WEEKS straight because Halloween is in the middle of the week.  That sounds exhausting.  I plan on celebrating Saturday night and then taking advantage of being able to wear a costume to work on Wednesday.  Maybe that's because my costume is a sloth onesie... maybe.

Anyways, Happy Halloween, stay safe!

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