You're waiting at an intersection and the light is about to turn green.  All of a sudden, the white strobe light starts flashing at the stoplight.  What does it mean?

Living in Illinois, there are tons of 911 calls that happen all over the state.


In Rockford, there's an emergency vehicle headed to a call every few minutes.  At least that's what it seems like every time I'm driving around town!

If you're at an intersection and see the white strobe light flashing above the regular stoplight, have you ever wondered what it actually means?

Here's What A White Flashing Light At Illinois Intersections Indicates

Emergency vehicles are usually involved in high-pressure situations and need to get to their destination quickly and safely.  The white strobe lights next to stoplights help ensure drivers on the road are aware of an approaching emergency vehicle.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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With alerting drivers before they approach, this could significantly reduce risk of accidents and allow emergency personnel to reach their destination faster.

Every second counts when we're talking life or death situations.  So clear the way!

Next time you're at an intersection and questioning what the white light actually means, remember it's to protect you, emergency vehicles, and other drivers from a disastrous pile up.  The more you know!

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