Are these the four best Green Bay Packers of all time? Do you think you could come up with a better list of the four to make a team 'Mount Rushmore?

The gang at has given us a fun debate to have with other Green Bay Packers fans, so let's get started.

They picked their 4 players to make the Packers' Mount Rushmore by using a combination of individual/team achievement and historical significance (and some other factors you can read here).

Brett Favre, quarterback (1992-2007)

Forrest Gregg, offensive tackle-guard (1956-70)

Don Hutson, end (1935-45)

Bart Starr, quarterback (1956-71)

You expect us to pick four guys from the franchise with the most league titles (13) in pro football history... the one with almost as many Hall of Fame players (28)?

Thinkin' we need Mount McKinley here. (

Next man up they believe would make Mount Pack-more is Aaron Rodgers.


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