You heard you'd get money, you filled out the form, but did you think you'd ever actually see the check? Those Facebook check are actually arriving in Illinois.

Remember 2020? I know you do... so many things happened and didn't happen in 2020 and one of those things was this huge Facebook settlement.

While we were all sitting at home trying to bake banana bread, workout in our living room and drinking all day... there was also a lot happening online on Facebook.

The 'Facebook Biometric Information Privacy Litigation,' website was created in 2020 and it was all about Facebook taking in information about our faces back in 2011.

Specifically after June 7, 2011, if you live in Illinois and used Facebook after that date... and lived here for at least six months, you were eligible to submit your claim and be a part of the lawsuit.

I for one, always take an opportunity to be a part of a class action lawsuit. I've garnered a few hundred dollars in the past thanks to company glitches and this seemed like a pretty good one to take part in.

The Settlement Fund was listed at $650 million and we were told back in 2020 that Facebook users would receive approximately $200-400 per person.

We had to claim before November 23, 2020. So like a long time ago.


Until this month, and guess what the checks actually have been arriving!

Yesterday, May 12, 2022, checks started popping in Illinois mailboxes for $397.


Did you get yours?

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