I'm going to be honest with you, there's A LOT going on with this story. So let's try and start from the beginning and you do your best to keep up with all of this.

Hell, Michigan exists. If you didn't know there was an actual town called 'Hell' now you do.

Elijah Daniel is a YouTuber who is known for somehow managing to pull off ridiculous stunts.

June is Pride Month.

I think that's all the facts you need to know to have some context for this next part.

I present to you Elijah's latest stunt ...

Yep. He bought the whole town.

Twitter went WILD after this. From Michigan residents driving to take pictures with the new sign, to trending hashtags like #GayHellSelfies, it's safe to say this whole thing took over Twitter yesterday. Within minutes it was trending and thousands of tweets were flooding timelines.

And now we wait to see what the glow-up of Hell, MI will be like!

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