Most Rockford people rave about Beef-A-Roo but we really need to start talking about the other place in town.

I want you to know I've got nothing against Beef-A-Roo. Matter of fact, I've been there more than other similar type places and I've eaten nearly everything on the menu.

The food at Beef-A-Roo is delicious whether you're scooping up the eats using the drive-thru or sitting down to eat.

Beef-A-Roo is truly one of the best restaurants in Rockford. I mean, look at this setup.

From the burgers to the shakes to the wraps and the cheddar fries.


I might be overstating but there's a very good chance some Beef-A-Roo customers have had out of body experiences while eating an order of a Cheddar Fries.

Beef-A-Roo is a Rockford tradition there's another smaller restaurant in Rockford that needs your attention.

15th and Chris, at 201 15th Avenue in Rockford, is owned and operated by lifelong Rockford resident James Purifoy.

The burgers at 15th & Chris are an Instagram foodies dream come true.

Yep, that's an egg on the burger seen in the picture above.

The Sunrise burger also comes with a crispy hash brown.

Pastormelissa on Instagram tried a Makaveli burger that she described as #foodporn.

I can't disagree, she also said about the burger, it's a "BBQ sauce dipped patty, melted cheddar cheese, bacon, fried onions, & mayo. The fries have Parmesan cheese. This place is for real."

15th and Chris aren't only serving up burgers though. Hot dogs, brats, Polish sausage and chicken sandwiches are a few of their other offerings.

There's also a selfie wall. You know, after you're done taking photos of your food, it's time to take one of yourself.

Who knows, you might even be able to talk Purifoy into taking one with you.

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