Every Stateline football fan is looking forward to next season... but women Green Bay fans have a brand new reason to be excited for the fall of 2019.

The Green Bay Packers had a pretty crappy season.

So, the coach, well, he was fired.

And they brought in a newbie, Matt LaFleur.

Who, I have to say, is not bad looking. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Maybe it's because we're used to seeing older, grumpier men take the sidelines and this guy seems to be young and fresh and smiley.

He's 39 and has been coaching since 2003.

And I'm a Bears fan so that's all that I feel like looking up about him... but I don't mind looking at him.

Though I do think he might be waxing his eyebrows a little much in the middle... which I feel like is weirdly a common football guy problem.

Thanks to my media bestie (even though she's a Packer fan), Whitney Martin, for this lovely headline.

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