The school that teaches kids how to master their instrument and be in a band is now offering full and partial scholarships.

The Rock N Roll Institute camp is a week long opportunity for young musicians to develop their 'on stage' skills. They'll study how to put a band together, how to book and promote your band and all the things that going into the business side. And of course, tons of instruction and rehearsals for improving your stage swagger. Again this Summer, top notch instructors will be helping young musicians make a dream a reality.

Rockford Rock N Roll Institute camp is coming June 17 – 21 and June 24 – 28, and now that they've become a non-profit, they are able to offer scholarships to attend the camp. There are scholarships being offered to potential campers based on ability and based on need. And scholarships are available to cover one week of camp partially or fully, according to

Scholarships applications will be accepted April1 - May 1, 2019. For the list of scholarships being offered, click here.


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