What's better than a popsicle in the summer? A Paleta, obviously.

There are so many ways you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo. You can eat a taco (or five). You can mix up some margaritas. You can dine on churros. Or you can catch a baseball game in Wisconsin.

I know you're thinking... a Wisconsin baseball game? For Cinco de Mayo? Yes, yes, yes!

Tonight and for four other games this season, the Beloit Sky Carp will be changing their name to the Paletas de Beloit.

This is part of a Minor League Baseball initiative called 'Copa de la Diversion,' to connect the MiLB with their Hispanic/Latino players and fans.

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The Sky Carp picked what I think is the best mascot ever, the Paletas, which is a Mexican popsicle.

But I got the chance to try one of the paletas that they're serving tonight and they are WAY MORE than just a popsicle. They're like a milkshake on a stick.

If you can't make it to ABC Supply stadium tonight, you can still catch the Paletas on four other nights this season,
May 31, June 29, July 22 and August 27.


You probably want to get some cute merch while you're there, and their new watermelon margaritas, too.



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