When you win the state basketball championship you shouldn't be denied from hugging your little brother.

However, that's what happened last weekend when Appleton North's girl basketball team won state in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

A video that was posted on Twitter shows Senior Sydney Levy going to hug her three-year-old brother after the team was awarded their state championship medals.

However, Levy was denied when "WIAA Associate Director Deb Hauser keeping Jaylen Levy from going on the court to hug his sister" according to Post-Crescent.

Since the video has been posted on Twitter the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) has come under fire.

According to wbay.com in Green Bay, the WIAA stated:

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association acknowledges that the short video clip that was released on social media Sunday may be seen by the casual observer as insensitive.

In the celebratory situations following a State championship, it is not possible for the WIAA to know the individual traditions and rituals of all the schools, teams, families and players involved.

For the safety of all involved, we keep spectators off the playing surface. As an organization that runs large events on a regular basis, our focus is always on the safety and "what if" situations that can evolve quickly and cause potential harm to innocent bystanders."

The internet has not been kind to Hauser and the rest of the officials at the WIAA prompting Levy's father, Nic to release a statement as well.

Levy said on Twitter, "we ask that everyone PLEASE stop any and all name calling and personal attacks on any individuals. We can turn this thing into a positive so future teams have the opportunity to celebrate with their family after the championship game. #InsultsDontSolveProblems"

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