Taylor Swift spent the weekend belting her biggest hits in Arizona for more fans than any woman ever has, including a couple from Wisconsin, here's their story.

Let's go back, shall we? To November 2022 when the world erupted after Taylor Swift's concert tickets went on sale.

We all know someone who spent their entire day watching their phone, waiting for Ticketmaster to let them in, to allow them to attempt to get seats to one of her shows.

Maybe some of us even know a lucky handful of fans who managed to score tickets.

But did you know that tickets to her shows in Arizona weren't available on Ticketmaster's website?

Taylor Swift Seats in Arizona Weren't Sold VIA Ticketmaster

Note to future self, concerts at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona sell tickets through Seat Geek, not Ticketmaster.

This is how my friends who live just outside of Milwaukee, smoothly scored tickets to see opening night of 'The Eras Tour,' in Arizona last Friday.

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The City Of Glendale, Arizona Prepares For The Opening Night Of The Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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While hundreds of thousands of fans were electronically fighting for seats all over the rest of the country, Arizona concert go-ers had a much simpler situation, you know, they just went to the website and bought tickets.

I found this out last week when my friends told me they were excited to go to the show. 'You didn't have to use Ticketmaster?!?!?'


Let's file that under 'things I wish I knew in November.'

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Glendale, AZ
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'Eras Tour' Glendale Concert Review

I know you're curious, what did our Wisconsin friends think of the show? Thankfully I got a full review thanks to one of my best friends, Amy, she said:

On our way to spring training at 1:00, we already saw lines forming to get in the parking lot to see Taylor. Fans went ALL out - dressed up in themes or sparkly outfits. The lines to get merch, food and to go to the bathroom were soo long. Gayle and Paramore were really fun openers, Hayley Williams even talked about being from Nashville and Taylor's mom gave her Taylor's number so she could have a friend her age in the business, but she didn't reach out until the Kanye VMA moment.

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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Taylor had cool light up bracelets like the last tour, the stage was so cool and the screens were huge so you could see from everywhere. I loved her dancers, they had so much personality. It was impressive that she went for over three hours with a ton of costume changes. My favorite eras were Lover, Red, Reputation and Midnights. Too much Folklore and Evermore but all of her die hard fans still loved those sections.


Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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