Necessity is the mother of all invention, right?

That's what happened when Wisconsin farmer Holly Poad found her farm without a barn after a fire took it out.

If you recall, last Winter was exceptionally brutal, so Poad did what she had to to keep her calves warm, and created what she dubbed "Moo Muffs."

Turns out Poad's invention is taking off. A picture of a calf wearing one of Poad's pink Moo Muffs shared on Twitter has gone viral and has been retweeted nearly 30,000 times.

So now Poad's Triple P Farm in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, (roughly two hours from Rockford) is catching national media attention from all over.

In October, Moo Muffs signed on with an international distributor to ensure that Poad's products get in the hand of every farmer across the planet.

The Moo Muffs brand has gotten so big in recent months they now have their own website where you can buy your own set of cow ear muffs and they've also ventured into selling coffee mugs with the logo.

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