How did you make money as a teenager? Paper route, maybe a fast food joint, mow some lawns...How about being a "Skank Agent?"

17 year old Samantha Stubbe, who referred to herself as a "Skank Agent" was making some huge money with a ridiculous scheme she set up, here's how it worked.

Sam with set up a listing on Craigslist in the "adult gigs" section. She offered sexual favors in return for an apartment. Of course the creepy dudes lined up to help her out...

So the "Johns" would go to a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin motel...once they entered the motel, a male would jump out and beat the guy up taking their money. Sure beats a lemonade stand!

Sam had another 18 year old female friend that would stand outside the motel as the decoy, luring the men into the motel room.

Eventually this scheme was figured out and the cops were called to the scene. So wait, would Samantha be known as a "pimp" in this situation? No pimping here, besides it isn't easy...This was her response to the police, this is actually in the police report:

"she would not consider herself a pimp but a 'skank agent,' meaning that she was an agent with skanky friends." 

Unfortunately for Samantha, Wisconsin does not recognize "skank agentry" so she was arrested for soliciting prostitution and armed robbery.

She did in fact "do the deed" with one of the men, so there's a prostitution charge thrown in there as well. The man paid by check, paper trail for the "Skank Agent."

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