Wisconsinites might want to cross the border to buy their Thanksgiving turkey this year, because Illinois has cheaper turkey prices. 

The countdown is on, just two weeks until turkey day and that means you need to actually go buy a turkey. I've never actually bought a turkey for Thanksgiving before, but I know it can be pretty pricey. This year, you might actually want to drive to another state to save money on your turkey purchase.

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Finance Buzz is doing the hard work for us this Thanksgiving, taking in all of the turkey prices across the county for comparison based on a 15 pound turkey.

Traditionally you're supposed to cook 1 - 1 1/2 pounds of turkey per each of your guests, if you want leftovers. In that case, you can feed 10 people with a 15 pound turkey.

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The nationwide average 15 pound turkey costs $34.15, which is about $3.41 per person, which isn't so bad, but for some states, the price goes up to $50.35! What if your guests don't really even like turkey? That's a lot of money!

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How Much Does a Turkey Cost in Wisconsin This Year?

It's a bit surprising that Wisconsin landed on the top ten most expensive turkey list, for some reason I thought Wisconsin would have cheaper turkeys than that. But this year, a 15 pound turkey in Wisconsin costs the same amount as it does in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky and South Carolina - $38.85!

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So, if you live in Wisconsin and can easily drive down to Illinois to buy your turkey, you might want to! It'll save you... a dollar and fifty cents... so maybe that's not worth the gas, but hey, maybe it is!

How Much Does a Turkey Cost in Illinois This Year?

The average price of a 15 pound turkey in Illinois is $37.35

To be honest, you might as well drive to Iowa if you can, it's just $31.85 there.

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