A new list from MSN featured the best grocery store in every state. If you live in Rockford, there's a very good chance you've seen it in town.

Scrolling through, I saw the Illinois selection for best grocery store was a place I've never visited.

As I continued to run through the list I noticed the very end, where Wisconsin's best grocery store was named and it's a place I've been to more than a few times since moving to the area.

Wisconsin's best grocery store was none other than Woodman's. Which, truth be told, I didn't even know there was a Woodman's in Wisconsin.

Without doing any research, I thought it was strictly a Rockford thing. I was wrong.

According to MSN:

Woodman’s is the place to go for all your needs on the cheap. One local said, 'I love Woodman’s. This is the cheapest grocery store in Madison and it's open 24/7. Produce is good; I never really have trouble finding something fresh.'"

According to the Woodman's store finder, there are two other Illinois store locations (Carpentersville and North Aurora) along with 14 more locations in Wisconsin.

What's your favorite grocery store in Rockford? Let us know!