If you're looking for a real-life ghost town to get you in the Halloween spirit, pack up the car because we're going for a ride.

Not too far, mind you. It's only about 90 minutes from Rockford in southwest Wisconsin, a town called Pendarvis.

Pendarvis is so creepy, it was named by Thrillist as "The Creepiest, Coolest Ghost Town" in Wisconsin.

Pendarvis was founded by Cornish immigrants looking to cash in on lead and zinc mining in the mid-1800s. The homes, built of wood and limestone, held up long after the population dwindled in search of greater prosperity.

While the Pendarvis website says they're "Closed For the 2020 Season" it does sound like the Merry Christmas Mine Hill trails are open. Wait, what? Merry Christmas Mine Hill?

Discovered during Christmastime 1905, the name Merry Christmas Mine Hill comes from the zinc deposits found at the site.

Since then, the cabins and other homes in Pendarvis have been fixed up and the whole area has been preserved. There's also a museum and shop on-site for folks who want to buy souvenirs.

It doesn't sound haunted but it might be just the thing you need to get out and enjoy the season. I have a feeling a trip to Pendarvis in October or November is pretty great.

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