If the statewide mask mandate gets reversed, it's pretty safe assumption that there will be travel advisories for any Illinoisan traveling north of the border.

Science and politics have been the most awful bedfellows since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It's so frustrating to see so much scientific and medical advice basically being ignored. Wearing masks helps control the spread of this virus. Plain and simple.

Combating this virus is complicated, but wearing a mask is simple. Like most people, I'm very over having to wear one everywhere, but that's not the point. Another Summer is not that far off and besides being able to see my mom in person, instead of on my phone screen, I'd like to go to some concerts. Getting on the other side of this pandemic before warm weather returns is going to be very difficult if we're not all doing our part.

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate just voted Tuesday, to repeal Gov. Tony Evers' statewide mask mandate. And, you know there isn't a person anywhere near the frontline of fighting this virus that thinks repealing this mandate is a good idea.

Both legislative chambers have to pass the resolution in order to undo the mask requirement. The Assembly scheduled it for a vote Thursday.


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