A woman on a Chicago bound flight from Oklahoma shared a story about a stranger who helped her after being fat-shamed.

Savannah Philips from Oklahoma shared her now viral story on Facebook last month.

Phillips said before the plane took off she noticed a text message a man in the seat next to her was sending out referring to her as a "smelly fatty." Trying to not be noticed, she turned her head and began to cry.

In steps a stranger by the name of Chase. Phillips said:

All of a sudden, someone from behind us taps on the guy’s shoulder and says, 'Hey- I need to talk to you.' The guy next to me takes out his headphones. Someone behind us says, 'We are switching seats. Now.'

That's because Chase saw the text messages too and noticed Phillips reaction. Chase sat next to Phillips and made small talk with her the rest of the flight.

Phillips says "The flight attendant kept trying to give him free drinks and told him that he was her hero."

Due to the viral nature of the Phillips Facebook post, she's since been interviewed by multiple news outlets. Phillips tells KFOR in Oklahoma she hopes Chase's selfless act "makes more people brave to stand up for others."

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