March 8 is International Women's Day and while no state has a glass ceiling ratio equal for men and women there are some that do better than others.

SmartAsset did a comprehensive study of women in the workplace and found Illinois women have better odds of breaking the glass ceiling and getting a promotion than over half the US.

In Illinois, the ratio is 0.65 and in the Chicago, Elgin, and Naperville area it's at 0.67 "across all private sector industries" per SmartAsset.

Overall Chicago-Naperville-Elgin ranked 9th in the US and women in the area had a 21.2% chance for promotion as opposed to 31.6% of men.

The highest ratio in the US is in Washington D.C. at 0.85 which means it's almost 1:1 but not quite.

SmartAsset also outlined tips for those who indeed land a promotion.

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