Brunch, brunch baby.

Brunch is by far the best meal of the week. Whether you grab it Saturday, Sunday or on a glorious summer weekday, you know it's the best meal.

Why's that?

Well... for some of us it's because brunch usually comes with alcohol.

While I personally prefer bottomless mimosas with my brunch, bloody mary's seem to be a bigger brunch staple.

BIGGER is the key.

And one Wisconsin bar is doing it BIGGER than anyone else. It's quite possible that Sobelman's Pub and Grill has the BIGGEST bloody mary in existence.

I mean look at these.

Can you even handle that much food IN your drink?


Yes, $60 for 'The Bloody Beast,' with is the one with the fried chicken. Just 'The Beast,' will set you back $45, which is pretty much everything but the fried chicken, but the classic is just $9.

But hey, calories and dollars don't count when it's brunch, right?

Sobelman's has five locations in the Milwaukee area, and claims they have the best bloody mary's and the best burgers, but I mean with bloody mary's like that, you can't really claim to have the 'best' of anything else can you?

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