We tend to hate on a lot of stuff in this world, but who knew we hated on water so much?  Illinois residents have a lot to say about their least favorite brands.

If I'm thirsty, I'm drinking the first bottle of water I see in front of me.  I don't care what the brand is, as long as I can quench my thirst I will be happy.

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Personally, I love Glaceau Smartwater because it's the largest water bottle size they offer at my local gas station in Rockford.  Though, I know a lot of people would say Aquafina is their favorite because it's the #1 water brand sold in America.

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We sparked debate on Facebook asking for the WORST water brands ever.  For Illinoisans, we have strong opinions about our hydration choices.

You'll Never Guess The 5 Most Hated Water Brands Are In Illinois

#5: TAP WATER - Many argue this is the worst because it comes from the city water.

"Common chemical contaminants that could make their way into tap water include pesticides, industrial runoff, and toxic metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic."


#4: DEJA BLUE - As some call it, Deja "Poo"

"Deja Blue is brilliantly filtered to a distinct purity producing undeniably crisp refreshment for the entire family." [11th Street Coffee]

"Ice Mountain is a brand of bottled water that is sourced from underground springs in Michigan" [Quora]

#2: AQUAFINA - I drink this more than other brands on this list.  Maybe I should reconsider...

"The bottom line is that Aquafina is safe and healthy drinking water. It has been tested and certified for purity and meets the EPA's standards." [AjeCafe]



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And the worst brand of water according to Illinois residents is....


Tons of people think Dasani puts additives in their water to make consumers more thirsty.  What a crazy conspiracy... but is it true?

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According to Dasani's website:

"After our water goes through the reverse osmosis process to remove impurities, DASANI adds a variety of minerals, including salt, to create the crisp fresh taste you know and love."

What gets me is the part where they say they're "unable to disclose the exact quantities of minerals added to our water".  Why?  That's odd to me...

With the average person taking it 8 cups of water per day, you would think water brands would be way more transparent with their consumers since we ARE consuming their product often.  What would you add to this list of WORST water brands?

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