Looking ten pounds lighter is always a good thing, right?

What about when it's a deceptive mirror placed in a clothing store specifically so you think you're thinner and buy more stuff.

Hmm, not quite sure I want that when I walk into a dressing room at the CherryVale mall.

The Today Show recently reported on this skinny mirror tactic, saying that customers will buy 18% more when they think they are thinner.

That seems about right to me, but when I get home and look in my regular mirror, won't I just want to return everything?

Maybe you feel that way about these mirrors, that you would be absolutely upset if you found out your favorite store was skinny mirror-ing you, or maybe you'd feel the opposite.

Why not feel better about what we look like? We live in such a scrutinizing society, maybe feeling like we look a little lighter isn't the worst thing ever.

If you want to have this skinny feeling at home, you can buy yourself a skinny mirror, but it will cost you... almost $500.

Whatever side of the debate you're on, those skinny mirrors are coming.

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