There's a new trend starting to make waves around Chicagoland restaurants. It's a big risk, but many eateries say it has been successful.

Working in a restaurant is a definitely not the way to get rich. In fact, for servers, bartenders and kitchen staff, it's tough to even earn a living wage. What some restaurants around Chicago are doing, is making life a bit easier for many of their employees.

Recently, a very popular restaurant in Logan Square, joined a list of windy city eateries adding a 4% surcharge you customers' bills, to help pay for employee health insurance and raises, according to Fat Rice will begin adding this surcharge next week. This is a big risk for the six-year-old Logan Square restaurant, but after lots of consideration, they felt it was a move they need to make on behalf of their staff.

If your favorite restaurant began to add this 4% surcharge would you support it?


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