If you thought you'd save money this weekend by heading to a bar in Wrigleyville instead of buying a seat at the game, think again.

Wrigleyville can be super fun or super annoying. This weekend, I have a feeling it's going to be a little bit of both.

The Cubs are trying really hard to win the World Series this week, and this weekend they get to play at home. What could be better? Friday, Saturday and potentially Sunday World Series games at Wrigley!

Sounds awesome. The tickets will cost you an entire year of your salary, so instead you were planning to hang at the Cubby Bear. You'd be super close to the game and save some money, right?

Kind of.

The Wrigley bars are taking extreme advantage of the World Series, by charging incredible cover prices to get in this weekend.

The Cubby Bear, right across from Wrigley, is charging $100 cover just to walk in the door this weekend.


Cubby Bear isn't the only Wrigley bar charging you a bunch to party this weekend, according to Sports Illustrated, John Barleycorn is charging $250 for you to drink with them this weekend, but with that deal you actually get something for your money.

The $250 Barleycorn package includes cover charge, drinks from 7 p.m. until the ninth inning, one entree and one appetizer. The same WS package is available at Deuce's and The Diamond Club.

Sports Illustrated also notes that Murphy's is one of the few bars that will not charge a cover, but you better be there early if you want a seat.

While that sounds pricey, tickets to the actual game will cost you thousands of dollars.