3.14159... something something something is pi! Which means today, 3/14 is pie day.

Math nerds out there know that today, March 14 is pi day. While I am a huge math nerd, I'd rather think about food than numbers that extend into infinity.

Who wants to celebrate math pi when we can celebrate food pie? Food pie it is, and in Rockford we have some great places to grab a slice today, and really any day.

According to Yelp, these are the best five places to pick-up a pie on your way home from work today.

  1. Kate's Pie Shop - not only is Kate's rated the top spot in Rockford for a slice, they have a special today. All slices are $3.14, and there are specials on whole pies as well. Yelp user Kathy L. says, "Kate's pie crush is flaky and delicate just like Grandma use to bake." Located on E State
  2. Banana Cherry Bakery - meat pies are the specialty over here. Yelp user, Jennifer R. says, "The spinach & cheese pie was out of this world. Made from scratch each day, these products are fresh and delicious." Located on Alpine
  3. Mary's Market - not only do they have apple, blueberry, and cherry pies, they also have caramel apple and pumpkin! Yelp user David N. says, "A serious selection of dessert delights and breads, muffins, cookies, pies, etc. First time visit was far from the last. Everything was excellent, and you'd be hard pressed to find a negative here."  Located on E State
  4. The Illinois Machine Shed - sweet pies aren't the only pie to celebrate on 3/14, what about chicken pot pie? You can grab a delicious chicken pot pie here. Yelp user Sarah H. says, "The chicken pot pie was also very tasty (it looks small when you first get it, but then you start eating it and realize it's so filling that you can't finish it all after you've already eaten bread and side fixins)." Located on E State
  5. GreenFire Restaurant Bar & Bakery - Both pizza pie and sweet pies at GreenFire. Yelp user Jonathan K. says, "We had a dessert sampler tray including chocolate lava with vanilla icecream, carrot cake, apple pie, banana creme pie, and chocolate/fudge cake. All were delicious. I especially liked the banana creme pie and the apple pie. The apple pie was subtly sweet and tart. The banana creme pie was rich and thick with great added texture with the crunch-flakes." Located on E Riverside