Why do we live somewhere where the air hurts our face? I posted a video on instagram yesterday posing this question. Don't worry, I have good news.


Today is the perfect day to stay inside and cuddle up with your boo because January 6th is National Cuddle Up Day. I didn't even know this day existed, but it does and you can read all about it here, including all of the benefits cuddling gives you besides warming up.

Yes, it's Cold, so Good Thing it's 'National Cuddle Up Day'

They make a day for just about everything now. I mean, I'm not complaining. I will take any opportunity I can get to warm myself up during a polar vortex, especially if it involves cuddling up with someone I love. Sounds to me like it's the perfect day to play hookie or your Friday night's plans since today's high is only 8 degrees and a low of -15 with the wind chill tonight.

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