This is one of those things that will have you saying, "Only in Illinois!"

Rock climbing is a great way to be active and have some fun. Even if you aren't great at the sport, it's something that everyone can try. You might even realize you're better than you thought. That happened to me when I tried. I realized I was kind of good at it. It's such a fun activity.

In Illinois, we like to do things differently. We like to do things as Midwestern-ly as possible. So why go rock climbing on any old rock wall when you could go rock climbing inside an old silo? Like I said, only in Illinois am I right?

Upper Limits in Bloomington, IL. lets their climbers have some fun in their old silos. They are 65 feet tall climbs from the inside, then there's the outside. Their outdoor wall is 110 feet tall.

This place is great if you love climbing and are looking for a unique location you probably haven't climbed before.


And if you have kids, this is a great place to take them for a birthday party or event.

The climbing center also has a ton of other rock walls including outdoor bouldering walls if you're not into the whole heights aspect. If you're a beginner, or an expert, they've got a wall for you to have some fun on.

You can check out more details about Upper Limits and their crazy cool silo climbing wall on their website.

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