When is the last time you washed your bra? Yeah, I don't remember either.

Sports bras, you wash them every time you wear it. You basically have to, they're probably soaked and smell. Sorry, not sorry, it's true.

But those regular bras. You wear them for most of the day... throw them on the floor, hang them on your doorknob, and wear it again tomorrow.

And the next day, and the next day, and probably the next day.

I wash my bras when I happen to be doing laundry and don't need it. There's no schedule involved, just whenever there's enough time to wash and hang it to dry.

But, according to Rachael Ray, I should probably step up my bra washing game to every three or four wears.

And on top of that, keep it out of the washing machine... and wash it by hand.

I know not to dry my bras, and I know I'm not supposed to put them in the washing machine, but I do anyway, because I am the worst at laundry.

Apparently we are supposed to wash bras more often than jeans, which the Rachael Ray experts say we should only toss in the wash only when you really need to.

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