No matter where you get the pizza from, you should always get the same size.

Let's take a trip to Conant High School in 2004ish. I was working on the yearbook staff (which included yearbook camp that I'll tell you about another time...) and I was also taking a class with the newspaper leader.

She asked me to write an article, so I wrote about how I think pizza sizes should be standardized.

That all pizza places should be required to abide by certain sizes, mediums would be 12 inches, large 14 inches, etc.

My pizza plans all came back to me this morning when I read this article that says no matter what we should be ordering a large pizza, always.

Even if you're only going to have a few slices, you're getting the best bang for your buck when you order the large off the menu according to Pop Sugar.

This isn't just speculation, they took info from almost 75,000 pizza prices! The info came from NPR and it looks pretty legit.

So next time you're thinking of just getting the medium, don't. No one will judge you for the large, even if it's just for you and your dog.

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