There's a new law in Washington that might end up making its way to Illinois very soon and we could all be affected.

Especially if you are a driver who likes to peek down at your phone while cruising around.

Washington's new E-DUI law which sounds exactly like you think, Driving Under the Influence of Electronics, will fine scofflaws, according to, "caught holding a cellphone or any other electronic device while stopped at a red light or intersection."

You Should Probably Put Your Phone Away; A New E-DUI Law Might Be Coming To Illinois

Offending drivers caught red handed with a phone "will be subject to a $136 fine."

That's not all the new E-DUI law covers. Other things that drivers can be pulled over for include:

  • Grooming
  • Smoking
  • Eating
  • Reading

Really? Reading? Who's reading while they're driving? Nonetheless, offenders will be fined $99.00 for those infractions.

Remember, this law is only in Washington at the moment but it could come to Illinois.

Donahue, Sowa, and Magana say "once another state has a proactive methodology of resolving issues, Illinois is typically not too far behind."

It makes sense, motor vehicle deaths have risen for two consecutive years in Illinois, according to Chicago Tribune with almost "3,000 deaths annually...blamed on distracted driving."

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