I want you to think of how many times you use Google a day. Now, think about the last thing you Googled. What was it? I'm guessing it was probably something related to Memorial Day weekend, like "when's the best time to hit the road Memorial Day Weekend?"

The last thing I Googled was "how do you pronounce acclimatization." Look, I'm not stupid, I just wasn't sure where the accent on the "i" was.  With that said, thank you, Google for remembering that. You do know that Google remembers everything you and the entire world searches for, right?

Estately wanted to give us a kind reminder that whatever it is that you're searching for on the world wide web, as strange as it is, it probably isn't the most commonly question that gets asked the most by your state. Or is it?

The number one question people in Illinois Google the most is: "What does O.P.P mean?"

Most Common Question Googled in Each State

Good question; I feel like I already know the answer to that question but I looked it up just to be sure.

What Does OPP Mean

What do you think of some of these other questions asked by other states?

Wisconsin: "When is American Idol on?"

Minnesota: "Is 'funner' a word?"

Iowa: "Do penguins have knees?"

Well do they? Go Google it already.


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